JAMF Push Proxy Whitepaper


I'm looking for either a whitepaper, or a better description of the Push Proxy than the diagram located at https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=374. I'm looking for something that explains what the individual components are and provides some use cases. Anyone out there have anything they can share?



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Additional information on the Push Proxy and what it’s used for/how it’s used can be found in the Casper Suite Administrator’s Guide.

The most relevant information starts on pages 17, 60, 452, and 485, respectively.

For individual use cases, hopefully a few JAMF Nation members will be willing to share what they’re using it for in their environment and how they set things up, as those sorts of things tend to vary from environment to environment.

Additionally, please feel free to reach out to your Technical Account Manager if you'd like to discuss things more specific to your own environment; they'd be happy to assist and can be reached either by phone, by e-mailing support@jamfsoftware.com (it gets routed directly to their case queue), or by using the My Support section of JAMF Nation.

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