Jamf recon hung while collecting Bluetooth information

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I'm observing an issue where Mac inventory hangs. Read some older posts and traced the processes to system_profiler getting Bluetooth information. If I run these system_profiler commands myself, they succeed almost immediately.
The hang occurs when running jamf recon or if jamf policy has an inventory action. I have reproduced it on 2 computers running macOS 10.14.6 (Build 18G95). Both are 2016 13" MacBook Pros. I do not know how widespread this issue is in my environment (around 100 Macs).
We have Jamf Pro 10.12 with an upgrade to 10.15 schedule for this week. Not sure if this is a known issue or if I should upgrade first and re-test. The hang of jamf policy means it never terminates, until killed or rebooted, and therefore never runs another policy check-in. As I understand it, a policy check-in is required to upgrade the jamf binary, Self Service, etc.

The commands below have been running for 64 minutes at the time of posting.

$ ps -ef | grep -E "14604|14936"
    0 14604     1   0  7:39AM ??         0:01.46 /usr/local/jamf/bin/jamf policy -randomDelaySeconds 300
    0 14936 14604   0  7:40AM ??         0:00.04 /usr/sbin/system_profiler -xml SPHardwareDataType SPNetworkDataType SPMemoryDataType SPDiscBurningDataType SPSerialATADataType SPParallelATADataType SPSASDataType SPFireWireDataType SPUSBDataType SPThunderboltDataType SPParallelSCSIDataType SPBluetoothDataType SPNVMeDataType SPSoftwareDataType
    0 14954 14936   0  7:40AM ??         0:00.17 /usr/sbin/system_profiler -nospawn -xml SPBluetoothDataType -detailLevel full