Jamf ReEnroller issue

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Yeah, it's an open source product so I'm not expecting the polish of a commercial app. But I'm stumped.

Need to get 2700+ machines re-enrolled from an on-prem into a new cloud instance, and I'm having some trouble with the most recommended method using Jamf ReEnroller. I've followed the included help info, the GitHub page, and Dazwallace's blog post, But I'm getting an SSL cert error from my Jamf Cloud instance, and then it times out.



Anyone seen this or have any suggestions?



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Hi there, did you get support from Jamf? What did they say?

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I did get some Jamf help on this (which is cool since it's an open source project). Some testing and it looked like an issue with the account on the new jamf used to reenroll. I changed it to default admin account and it built the pkg without complaint. Now to go through and compare the access between the two and see why it happened as I don't want to use that default admin account obviously.