Jamf Remote - Enable SSH for specific user. What user account does remote use?

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I like to use Jamf Remote however i would like to set it up on machines to allow access for specific users.

So my question is, what users do i need to add to remote login for Jamf to work?

I believe jamf uses casperscreensharing or something similar but you can't add that via the gui as it's not a real user so perhaps if i added it by terminal or a script.

But is that the correct user to be adding to allow Jamf Remote to connect?



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Currently when set to Only these users when connecting with Casper remote i get an error

"SSH is not enabled on the remote computer."

If i change to all users it connects without the error.

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Enable Remote Login for the Management Account.


During imaging ,DEP, User Initiated Enroll or Quickadd you can set the management account to turn on SSH, and allow the remote login for the management account for future use.

https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/12074/use-ardagent-app-kickstart-to-enable-ssh Steve Woods has the answer your looking for in this thread