Jamf Reset app configuration for Disallow Proximity Setup?

New Contributor

I'm working on setting up our Jamf processes, and while navigating the AppConfig Generator for Jamf Reset I noticed they have a checkbox for Disallow Proximity Setup.

This would be nice to have (one less tap when turning around devices), but when I attempt to use AppConfig Generator it throws an Internal Server Error. And this ability to disallow it isn't documented in the Jamf Reset Configuration Guide (which looks like it needs someone to do a find-and-replace for all the references to Jamf Setup).

Does this configuration key exist, and if so would someone enlighten me? :)



Hi there!

When using the AppConfig Generator for Jamf Reset, make sure to include all required fields. It's possible there was no value given for some field, I would guess the "Connection Retry" might have been missing a value. Please let me know if this avoids the server error and provides a valid AppConfig for you to try.

Updated documentation is coming soon, but please go ahead and use that feature. It sounds like you're already aware of what it will do, eliminate those extra steps from a device wipe.

Happy Resetting!

Hi Sam, I seem to be running into the same issue. Do you know if that documentation was ever provided?