Jamf Reset passcode settings

New Contributor II

Maybe I am trying to do the impossible here, but I am trying to setup up an iPad that will have multiple users using Jamf Setup/Reset, but a shared passcode. The trouble with this setup is that when the user uses Jamf Reset to clear out their session data, it also clears out the passcode. I am aware of the require passcode profile option, however, the primary users will be students and it's been suggested that there is a concern for them not setting it back up at all, or correctly. I've looked at feature requests and don't see something similar to this requested, I'm also not sure if this is really how Jamf Reset is intended to or able to function.


I've looked at guest login only to clear out the local session, however, you cannot enforce a passcode in multi-user mode. (Ideally I would want to use Managed accounts, however that is not possible at this point since my team does not manage our ASM.)