Jamf's implementation of Service Now for support tickets

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Does anyone have an issue where Jamf's implementation of Service Now does not allow you to see tickets opened by others on your team? I opened a ticket to ask if this is on their radar and can we expect a fix. I got the usual boilerplate response (for this issue; second time opening a ticket):

To confirm, the way our ServiceNow support portal is setup, admins can only see tickets in their portal that they have submitted under their Jamf ID.

Service Now is highly configurable and customizable. Yes we know the ability to see each others' tickets is not currently possible. That was not our question.

We want to know if the team that is responsible for the development of Jamf's Service Now implementation is aware of the issue/impact, and do they plan to fix it?

I will not be submitting a Feature Request, because this is not a Jamf product issue. This is a Service Now implementation issue.