JAMF says File Vault 2 is enabled for local user when it is not

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I have many MacBook Airs in carts. We are not using File Vault at all. When I look at the Local users of the computers in JAMF it says File Vault 2 is enabled for the admin account. We do not have File Vault 2 enabled. We only have a Firmware password on these computers. In the management tab it says that File Vault 2 is not enabled.

I am still having Sleep Wake Failure errors on my most recently purchased MacBook Airs. I am wondering if this quirk has anything to do with it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated on this.


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You may want to look at this script. It had similar issues but they have been resolved. We now use this updated version with the check-in trigger and it works fine: https://github.com/homebysix/misc/tree/master/2015-01-27%20MacBrained%20Reissuing%20FileVault%20Keys