JAMF School OSX Scripts

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Hi everyone. We are moving from Pro to School. We had a script that was run just after DEP enrollment to set some settings and name the Mac. This script does not run in JAMF School. Does anyone have an on-boarding script they could share for JAMF School? I think the biggest issue is we were using the JAMF Pro app to do a bunch of the tasks and that is gone now.


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I guess you have read through this article already https://support.jamfschool.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016231353
Unfortunately you are very limited in Mac Management with Jamf School, that's why we do not recommend it to Schools with Mac Labs.
As a site note, for the upcoming macOS Version zsh will be the standard shell, so start testing your scripts against the new shell.

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It does seem like Jamf School is an iPad focused solution. Not a bad thing, but definite need to look at what it can and can't do for Macs.