JAMF Self Service not updating. - iMacs

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We have Self Service set to automatically install in the settings area but it is not updating. The only discussion I can find about this is to do one of the following.

1. Manually download the latest version and create a profile to install it over the older version.

2. Remove the self service app from the iMacs and then wait for the latest version to auto install.

This can't be correct is it? Does JAMF not offer a way for the Self Service app to auto-update?



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Edit: Never mind. I see it will finally be available in the new 10.37 App Catalog Thanks everyone.


Self Service should/will update when your JSS is updated. If your JSS is running 10.36.1 then all clients should currently have the same version binaries and Self Service. Assuming you are using Jamf Cloud, when the 16.37 updates are rolled out on April 1-2, then the binaries and Self Service will be updated on your Macs during the next client check-in.