Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset 3.2.0 are now available!

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New Contributor III

Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset 3.2.0 are now available!

New versions of Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset apps were released today (3.2.0), and are available for download from Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. Check out the details below on what's new.


Removal of Basic Authentication:

  • As communicated in the 3.0.0 release notes in May 2021, Basic Authentication was deprecated from Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset.
  • In the new 3.2.0 versions, the Legacy Compatibility AppConfig key was removed, which previously allowed customers to continue use of basic authentication with older versions of the apps (com.jamf.config.legacy-compatibility).
  • If you have not yet switched to OAuth, please follow our documentation to do so prior to deploying the new apps in your environment.


Single Login Preview Workflow Updates:

  • In order to simplify the next user’s login experience, in Jamf Reset 3.2.0, the success screen seen after logout now provides a link to the Jamf Setup app.
  • To address a product issue where a user’s Safari sessions were not cleared on logout (PI110094), Jamf Reset 3.2.0 now supports Microsoft’s signoutFromBrowser feature. Note that this will result in additional Microsoft prompts to complete a logout. Microsoft’s SSO Extension is still in public preview, which Jamf uses to power the Single Login workflow, so please submit feedback to both Microsoft and Jamf with your experiences.
  • As a reminder, Single Login is not to be used in production environments at this time.


For additional details about this release, see:

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