Jamf taking a long time to setup/initial setup on iPads (iOS 10.3.3)

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Hi All,
Greetings from the Midwest in Missouri.
We have a new project with JAMF console "casper" and the self service module where people have different options of apps to download on iPads.
We have our NAC software, Apple cache server, firewall, etc.
At this point I know our Apple cache server is configured when I'm on my iPhone and download an app that was previously installed by somebody on our network, it gets it from that cache server instead going to apple.com. We are experiencing slow network response when a new iPad is being delivered to the user. iPads are on 10.3.3 and the NAC/Firewall is configured that the JAMF servers are allowed even your device is not registered yet (since you try to browse the Internet after the JAMF setup and you are forced to register). I was wondering if anyone has had this issue before. I just opened up a case with JAMF and confirmed that after reaching the JAMF cloud the apps are downloaded from Apple directly. I'll check with the guy who configured the Apple cache server to verify that these iPad pros are able to "see" the cache server instead trying to reach apple directly to download apps. Thanks in advance for any information/help you could provice.
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We have seen issues with VPP licenses taking a long time to come through JAMF at enrollment. We have actually seen it take several hours on average and sometimes overnight. We do have 35,000 devices and over 300 apps in our catalog.