JAMF Teacher and iCloud Drive Issues

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

        We have started rolling out JAMF Teacher in our district and have run into an issue with iCloud Drive.  We are using JAMF Pro to manage if that helps.  The original issue was each time a teacher would use JAMF Teacher to restrict Apps, it would disable iCloud Drive and Notability, which we use heavily in our district, would lose all its synched notes.  We restrict the ability for the students to manage their Apple ID and see the iCloud settings through Configuration Policies, and when JAMF Teacher restrictions were removed, it would not turn iCloud Drive back on.  We discovered that adding iCloud Drive to the safe-list of JAMF Teacher Apps that could not be removed helped but we are still seeing this same issue on a handful of iPads each day.  The solution is to remove the Configuration Policy and go into iCloud and it automatically turns everything back on as soon as we go into the Settings.  

Is anyone else using JAMF Teacher seeing any behavior similar to what we are?  We rather not allow the students to modify the Apple ID settings and keep that restriction in place but the loss of iCloud Drive access for Notability and other Apps can't keep happening either.  Thanks in advance.