Jamf Teacher Camera Unlock

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We are testing out Jamf Teacher and wanting to see if the following functionality is available for our iPads.


Through a config profile in Jamf Pro, we have not allowed the use of the camera on student devices. But we still have certain classes that could utilise the camera in a supervised setting. In the jamf teacher app if i enable the camera access, the camera functionality never appears. I'm assuming the config profile is overriding the jamf teacher app.


I'm wondering if there is a way to reconfigure things so that the iPad cameras are off by default, but teachers have the ability to turn them on during class time.


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I'm just thinking, what if you do it the other way around: allow the camera by default, but block it in the teacher app and enable when needed?
And did you try to restart it, after "switching on" the cam?

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Thanks for the answen Chris, We did think about it. the main reasons we switch it off by default is we only have the 32gb iPads and because the students take these home, we don't want them filled up with random photos and videos that they've taken. Also wanted to completely remove the chance of anything inapropriate being taken using the school device.

Did not try restarting, i'll give that a go today.