JAMF Training in NZ

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Trying to gauge the level of interest from Casper users in the South Pacific, Oceania, Australia and New Zealand regions for either CCT or CCA training sessions in the next few months.

We don't have any courses scheduled for New Zealand, but JAMF have seemed to indicate that if there's enough demand they could happen.


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I had wanted to do the CCT last year but I've now left my previous employer who has Casper Suite.

My replacement may be interested however... I'll pass it on.

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@andyparkernz I can say with certainty that UoA has at least 2-3 folk they want to send to a CCT.

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@andyparkernz AUT has at least one, looks like for CCT after some discussion.

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Hi @andyparkernz, I believe some of the Australian team may have reached out to you as there is now a CCT being held in Auckland on October 27th.
More courses for October onwards will be coming online shortly.