Jamf User and Location not populating with azure

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Hi Everyone, 

Our Jamf user and location is being mapped with azure  but it seems the "room" "building" and "department" arent being generated when choosing a machine and under general choosing "user and location" but all other fields are being populated. 

Even though on the azure side we do see a room number assigned to a user... does aynone know how to get these synced up properly? 




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For Department and Building, you need to define the Departments and Building in Jamf Pro and they have to match exactly what is being pulled from Entra. So if you have a department "Marketing" for a user in Entra ID, you have to have a department "Marketing" in Jamf as well. Unfortunately, sinec Entra ID is a freeform field, you could end up with "Marketing", "Mrkting", etc and have to have all the corresponding entries in Jamf. 


For Room, this should flow as freeform text. What do you have setup for the mappings in your Cloud Identity Provider settings?

So is this what you mean? i go under entraID>Users>search user>click properties to generate all info on user 


and see this as the room. do we have to put "office location" in Jamf Pro "room" section? 

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In your Jamf Pro Settings -> Cloud Identify Provide -> <<Cloud IDP>>, go to the Mappings tab. There you need to map the field name in Entra to the Room field in Jamf:


For example, I use "streetAddress". Make sure you are using the actual field name being passed back by Entra and not the display name for the field.


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Hi @yharooni Buildings and Departments need to be created in Jamf matching the Cloud IDP.

Did you try testing Cloud ID Attribute mapping? If you do not get the values in the attibute mappings testing then you need to validate the attributes.