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We currently have an old MAC that is hosting JAMF. We are looking to update and was curious of any advice as far as hosting it on a virtual windows machine...Thoughts? And if you are currently doing it can you share with me the machine you currently use.


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Glad to offer advice but need some approximate data....about how many Macs, how may iOS devices? strength of network and VM infrastructure for starters. To get a good plan in place ideally it would also help to know how much (if any) you plan to grow in a year or two's time.

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Makes sense to host on a VM as you can scale quite easily. If you're going the VM route it might also be worth looking at linux instead, you can get more flexibility with splitting off database and web app if you wanted. And overall you'll probably throw less resource at it each element.

But as @blackholemac says all depends on your requirements and what you have available infrastructure wise.

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We Run our JSS on AMZ.
Currently on Two t2.medium's with a database on RDS...

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Here is what the guys in the back are telling me :)

One server for JAMF software
strength of network = WIFI 1gb
VM infrastructure = VMWare

We currently have 0 macs and around 3500 iPads will be expanding to 10K iPads over next 3 years.

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This is largely personal preference but I'd recommend using a Linux VM over a Windows one. This would apply to both something locally hosted or in AWS.

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We currently host ours on an on site Windows VM running Windows Server 2012 R2 and its been working fine just make sure you have enough storage for the databases or point it to your file server if that's how you run your setup

feel free to message me with any questions