JAMFCLOUD JAMF PRO JSS Clustering Error - Down for 2 days

New Contributor III

I have put in a ticket and contacted our CSM.  Anyone else has been down or not been able to send policies, update policies, or update packages?  The error was:
An exception has caused clustering to fail on the server "xx.xx.xx.xx". Information on this node will be out of date. Error: could not extract ResultSet; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.JDBCConnectionException: could not extract ResultSet

Please, we are waiting two full business days without JAMF support or our CSM taking action.   I have called and written but they are not getting on a call with me to resolve this obvious AWS issue. They are not explaining why we got a cluster error.

This is the third major issue in three months that there has downed our JAMF, and they have not been able to fix them. 
Is anyone else having these mission-critical issues? Is anyone else not getting a response from JAMF for 24 hours when their entire site is not working?  

Any insight on this or similar JAMFCLOUD server errors please let me know.