Java 8 Update 77 & Safari security settings.


Hi, just curious if anyone else has had issues with the latest Java update playing nice with particular Safari settings. We have our plugins on certain accounts set to ask for permission to run for security, and with Update 77 installed the "Do you want to trust the website..." popup dialog never shows up. The space where the Java applet would be is just blank. If we change the Java security setting to "Allow", the applet seems to work as intended. Tried deploying it on two different machines and am seeing the same behavior.

We deploy Java by extracting the JavaAppletPlugin.pkg from the app installer, if that matter any.


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some legacy java applets are not considered 'secure' by Java and will only run correctly if you run them in unsafe mode


I've seen this behavior, too. The grey "Java blocked for this website" bubble is not displaying properly in the browser window. You can find it by hovering around where the java content should be until your pointer turns into a hand... clicking it makes it finally show up and you get the "do you want to trust" dialog box.

Definitely an annoying bug.