Java, FEU / FUT, and scripts... help?

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Hi all, 

Slowly getting all these packages and scripts and whatnot. I think I have an idea of what I'd like to accomplish here, but you guys tell me if it's feasible:

I want to take the pkg file for Java 8, upload to JAMF as a package, turn on the FEU feature, (does this drop it in a tmp location automatically?) create a policy / script that calls that pkg and runs it silently in the background. 

I don't think I'm able to pull together a script that pulls a fresh copy of Java yet, it looks kind of tricky. 


The whole reason I can't just upload as a PKG and have the policy install it is that it actually doesn't install at all when I try to do that. I have other pkgs that install just fine, just not this Java 8 Update 301. Any ideas?




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The FEU option isn't going to help you get Java installed. That will only work with a DMG installer, not a package format first off. Where are you getting the package to install Java? Did you create it yourself or are you getting it from Oracle directly? Is it the Java JRE you're trying to install or the JDK?

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Also, before you go down this road with Java 8, please please please make sure you are up to date on the licensing.  If you don't understand it, see if you can have someone from purchasing/legal look at it.  We got different opinions on our usage from our own internal examination and ended up abandoning it due to the licensing.