Java Patch Management a version ahead

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For Java patch management it shows 0 on latest version. Currently latest downloadable version is 161, yet the latest version in patch management shows 162. Not critical yet just curious if others are having the same issue.


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Oracle has been using consecutive version numbers instead of different release channels for different build types, presumably because they hate us. 162 does exist, but 161 is considered the security update and 162 contains security updates and new features.

Download 161 or 162:
More info:

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Thanks for the info.
Because they're consecutive, EA cant be updated or branched for CPU or PSU.
Thats annoying. We'll never use the patch report for Java I guess.
Thanks again.

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Jamf needs to address this, in my opinion.

Oracle themselves say that users should update to 161 (CPU) and 162 (PSU) "should only be used if you are being impacted by one of the additional bugs fixed in that version. "


I'm going to put a ticket in, this seems more like a bug with patch reporting than a feature request, but I know i've seen discussion on JN about this before. If someone has a FR link I can vote up, let me know.

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Here's the FR for Java version use in Patch:
Fix Oracle JRE and JDK path definitions to use CPU not PSU versions

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Agreed. This needs to be addressed!! There should be separate EA's for patch reporting, or the EA's should both report as "current".