JCDS PI-004101 - Package replication to JCDS failure (Error 408)

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We migrated to JSS cloud 9.101 recently. From the very moment migrated to cloud, we weren't able to use JCDS at all. Every time try to replicate packages to JCDS via casper admin, get error: Connection failure: "The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error 408.)"

As JAMF tech support suggested, set JCDS as master and try to upload via web, still get same error.
The failure is consistent when replicating via Casper admin or uploading via web even with a single package (size about 70MB) file.

JAMF support is aware of this issue (PI-004101) but there is no estimated time line when this will be fixed. Anyone else experienced this error? Do you have any work around other than setting up own Distribution Server on DMZ?



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Same problem, this issue has been going on for over 6 months and like 10 versions of Jamf it seems.