JDS Ubuntu 12.04 Tips


I couldn't find any information for setting up JDS on Ubuntu 12.04 so I thought I would share with the class.

  • Make Sure that the hostname of your JDS and the hostname registered in JSS are the same.(This is case sensitive)
  • Make sure that you replicate manually as opposed to with casper admin. Casper admin seems to want to bring over directories and when you do an inventory it will error out. If you have already used Casper Admin or have accidentally transferred over a directory into the CasperShare directory you must remove it. https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=351

  • Make sure that your www-data user owns the CasperShare directory. If root owns the CasperShare directory apache will create a CasperShareDAV directory within the CasperShare directory and will no longer work properly.

Let me know if I missed anything obvious.