#JNUC: Getting Hooked on Self Service

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Please come out and join Andrew Seago with, Getting Hooked on Self Service. This session wlll be running Thursday, October 25, 1-2pm. We'll take a look at how Self Service has been utilized to efficiently and effectively provide software deployments and patch management for end users, without piling on extra work for IT administrators. Give an end user a software update, they'll be happy for a day. Teach an end user how to use Self Service, and they'll be happy for a lifetime.


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Hey Andrew, im not sure if i should start a new thread for this. I was just curious what/How you modified the Login page?

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I loved some of things you showed off during this session. My question is more of a non-technical, but what kind of logic or what points did you make when you were trying to pursuade a switch to the self-service model. I am running into resistance from some of my fellow techs and was wondering if there were a few points you were able to make to the higher ups to showcase a need for the self service model.....this may be off topic so sorry in advance.

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I'm not sure if this is in the works but as our organization looks toward maximizing our implementation of Self-Service, video of this session would be invaluable.