JSS 9.0 Management Logs

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Upgraded to 9.0 and for the life of me I cannot locate the Management Logs.

I am referring to the tab for Logs, which contained Casper Remote Logs, Policy Logs, Casper Imaging Logs, Screen Sharing/VNC Logs, etc..

Has this been done away with, in favor of viewing logs via the Object?



Hey Lawrence,

The JSS Dashboard allows us to monitor the status of commonly viewed items in the JAMF Software Server (JSS), such as smart groups, policies, configuration profiles, and licensed software—all in one central location.

We can also view the logs (including Casper Remote, Screen sharing, Casper Imaging logs) for a single computer under the History tab after selecting it from the inventory search.

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I have to say I was initially stumped and annoyed by this change as well. Adding Policies to the dashboard just to view the status really feels non-intuitive and wasteful to me. This process can add to clutter in the dashboard view. I tend to work with a LOT of test policies that I'm tracking, and to keep adding these into the dashboard just to keep tabs on status feels like too much work to me. I'd like to see a simple "Status" link return at the end of the policy line similar to how JSS 8.x worked.

However I just stumbled on this, which helps in the interim. Go into Policies and change the view from List to Icon (its the small button in the upper right on the grey bar under where it says "Policies")
When in icon view, you can see all your policies at once, like a global policy dashboard, and see the status of each. If you need to dig deeper, just click on a link in a policy like "Failed" to see which computers failed said policy.
This icon view comes a little closer to the old way of working, so for now it will help. I'd still like to see an easier more direct way while IN an individual policy to view the status though. Changing the view of Policies to Icon actually runs a bit slow for me, as I guess it needs to dynamically check the status of each policy and build the view.

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Along the same line...is there a page where you can view all the logins that are happening with managed computers? I know this was an option in the Logs page from 8.X we used to use it all the time (it was essential to parts of what we do) and is sorely missed. Going to each computer manually is not a solution to this. Please bring it back!