JSS and VPP Behaviour Query

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Hi Guys,

Quick question about how the apps are synchronised with the JSS after purchasing from the VPP store.

We purchased a number of licenses from the VPP and when navigating to Settings>Global Settings>VPP Accounts>Our Account>Content and it does not show (even after waiting for a number of hours) the content purchased.

It will display it if I click "Update Purchased Content" and searching for the app.

Is this the correct behaviour for this or is it supposed to automatically populate?

It is something that has sadly never been explained to me or even shown in any videos or documents I have found.

Many Thanks


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In most cases our apps show up automatically, but when they don't, we manually Update as you are doing.


It used to update automatically but recently I have found that I have to use the manual update. The longest I've waited recently before doing the manual update was about 20 hours. That was yesterday. It has been months since I recollect the app showing up on its own. The number of VPP managed licenses we are adding is steadily on the rise so my guess is either the quantity of apps has interfered with apps showing up automatically, something is up with Apple or the last release of Casper introduced a bug. I can't pin the last time that worked to prior to updating to the latest release but that timing could be about right. We are currently on JSS 9.82.

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I have also had a simmilar problem with VPP fulfilment not pushing the iOS Apps to Casper, I contacted Apple. Im assuming they fixed something, I purchased VVP codes yesterday and they appeared within minutes

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This has been around for some time:

See this

Read the comments (there's alot). You can probably skip to the 2016 comments as people seem to be getting it still including myself.

I've mentioned this before but I think they need to add a Refresh all button. Meraki has it!

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Thanks for the confirmation on this.

I had read that article but wanted to check this was still the case / how it should be.

So it was originally automatic? Thats the behaviour I was expecting after working with ProfMan on many occasions.

Thanks :)

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I think it's meant to be automatic and sometimes it does work. But a lot of the time it doesn't. Seems broken.