JSS Backup line disappearing from Crontab

New Contributor II

I'm running into a really strange issue. I've got two cronjobs on my JSS. I'm running it on Debian, which has been fine following the Ubuntu steps thus far. The first step is to backup the database (code from this thread), and the second is to backup the database backup folder to Google Drive

00 00 * * * java -jar /usr/local/jss/bin/JSSDatabaseUtil.jar backup
00 01 * * * ~/go/bin/./rclone copy /usr/local/jss/backups/database/ Casper:Backup

They both run perfectly fine...once. Then the java line disappears, while the rclone one stays intact. A reboot doesn't affect it (which you'd think would be the problem, it there was one), but just running the job once does. I even made a commented-out line so I didn't have to keep copy/pasting from JAMF Nation...and that disappeared. The rclone line persists just fine

Am I missing something about the java script? The link I posted (the script is in comments) shows something about "scheduling", yet there's nothing about actually putting in a schedule. I figured it was more for pointing to a remote database, so I'm not too worried about that. But why would the java command disappear after one iteration, and what can I do to fix it?


PS: I forgot to mention that the cron job is running as root, not as a standard user