JSS Buttons become inactive if you click them before page is finished loading

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After upgrading to 9.93, if you click on "computers" for example in the JSS, and then click "new" button under advanced computer searches before the page is actually completed loading, the "New" button will become un-clickable until you load the page again. You are able to click other buttons while in this state. And if you refresh the page, and make a point to not click the button, it will become clickable again.

NOTE: This is not specific to the "new" button, it seems to be any button in the JSS.


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9.93 was incredibly resource intensive - upgrading to 9.96 seems to fix a lot of these types of issues.

For example when we upgraded from 93 to 96 at week 36:868d21da32074cc88247ef3645fce6d5

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That is actually great information to have. We've been seeing spikes in CPU ever since upgrading to 9.93. Looks like i'll be getting the 9.96 upgrade on the books. Thank you!

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@ajacks88 well there's this too


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@jonnydford Did you guys end up enabling Patch Reporting? We turned it on after upgrading to 9.93, i'm wondering if that isn't what caused the spike in CPU and not necessarily JSS 9.93