JSS MUT Computer Name

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Does anybody know what field the "Display Name" attribute in JSS MUT maps to in the JSS? Is that the Computer Name?




Yes, that's computer name. I wasn't sure at first either so I just tested out a couple of records.

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Yup! Keep in mind you'll need to use the "Reset Computer Name" option in the JSS before those names will pull down to the devices themselves.

Would "Computer Name" be a better descriptor than "Display Name" for a future release? It was originally Display Name as it translated across to iOS as well, before that got split out into a separate tab.

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I'm trying to wrap my head around Jamf, PreStage and computer name. The fact that jamf does not have a way to set computer name in PreStage is VERY FRUSTRATING. Its great that MUT can add the computer name. But you need to run Reset Computer Name policy which can not be run during PreStage. When MUT data is submitted and then you enroll the computer, does that enrollment update the computer name in jamf or does the MUT prefill stop that?

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@ostrowsp Will Inventory Preload work for what you're trying to accomplish? https://docs.jamf.com/10.30.0/jamf-pro/administrator-guide/Inventory_Preload.html

Unfortunately, you can't preload the computer name

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Is there anyway to FORCE MUT to use the 'computer name' instead of the 'serial number' as the identifier?

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you ever figure out an answer to this?