JSS not showing mapped printer


I seem to have come across a tricky problem where I have 2 printers mapped/installed on our Macs and when looking at the Inventory of any one machine, it is only showing 1 of the printers.

Our setup:
Running Mac OS X v10.9.5 over about 100 machines. Our printers are FujiXerox MFDs as well as FujiXerox/Fiery graphics printer. We use Equitrac for charging purposes and have Print Queues set up as "FollowYou" whereby a staff member or student can collect their print job from the nearest available printer. There are 2 different FollowYou Queues however, 1 for the standard MFD and 1 for the Fiery printer. It is the Fiery one that is not showing in the JSS for us.

When I run: lpstat -a | awk '{print $1}'
I get both printers showing in the resultant Log, however it does not appear in the machine's Inventory Tab, nor is it an option when I try to create a Smart Group based on Mapped Printers

Would welcome all and any ideas!