JSS says retina but it is not

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We have an issue with a couple of iMac's (late 2015) which our JSS says are "iMac Intel (Retina 4k, 21.5-Inch, Late 2015)" but in truth they are 1920x1080 resolution, ie "Full HD" and not Retina 4K, as I see it.
Anybody else seen this?


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That is the name (sometimes called "AppleCare name") which Apple assigned to the model of iMac; it does not necessarily refer to the specs of that individual machine.

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So it is the iMac that tells the JSS that it is a Retina-display-iMac when in fact it is not?

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Not certain, but its possible you're running into a known issue, which you can find more about on this thread: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/4389/model-name-not-always-correct

Short story is that the JSS determines the full human readable computer name by using a translation between the model identifier and the full model name that is hardcoded into the JSS. The issue comes in because Apple has for a number of years now been re-using model identifiers. For example, an iMac released in Mid 2015 and a revision to that Mac released in Mid 2016 may end up using the same model identifiers, even though the full names we see for each one may be different. So when the JSS encounters one of these duplicate model ids, it only knows of one full model name associated with that model identifier. And often its the wrong one. And that's what you see in the JSS.

On the thread above and on a few others are EAs that can help pull the actual full model name from Apple, so its going to be more accurate.

Again, I don't know if that's the exact issue you're seeing or not, but it may be.

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@mm2270: I will definitely check that out. Thanks!

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I'm not a happy camper.


I just got an iMac to be used as a Jump Box...JSS says it is a Retina.


It is not a Retina.

I'm gonna cry.