K12: Apple Revamping iPad Deployment for Education?

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So I came across this article today. If this rumor holds true, it like this "could" be happening in August/September!??


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9to5 got more of the letter being sent out. I'd like to know what the actual time table is.


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"To simplify large deployments, including one-to-one and shared use, we want to make app distribution even easier. Today, Apple IDs are required in order to deliver apps and books to students. We are working to change this in the fall by allowing schools to assign and distribute apps to a device without an Apple ID. As currently planned, this will greatly reduce the number of steps needed to setup a device. This change should eliminate the need to create generic Apple IDs solely for the purposes of getting content onto iPad. Schools will also have the option to prevent students from making personal purchases without approval."

Oh Apple deities... Please please PLEASE let us deploy apps automatically like 'in-house' apps... PLEASE!

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I don't work with iOS devices, but if something like the above comes to pass, this will be absolutely huge! Its like, what everyone managing iOS devices in organizations has been asking for for years now. (well, one of the things being asked for anyway)

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This would be so much help. Getting 4th graders and their parents to set up Apple ID's through the under 13 program was a nightmare. We just need it to be available in August or it won't help us for next school year.

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@mm2270 Yes. only one of the things. At least they have finally heard everyone. Having multiple logins, like Android, would be great as well! But I don't think that's going to happen.