Keeping VPP within our branch of the JSS

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I work at a sizable university and we have several different "sites" in our JSS. I was wondering if it's possible to assign a VPP account to only one site. In other words, keeping the apps purchased with our account completely separate from the other sites without the option for the other sites to even accidentally assign our apps to their devices.
We currently run JSS v9.81.

I've searched the forum and only found a vague reference to this from last fall. (I also posted there.) Link in case anyone wants to read -->
I was wondering if that mixing is still a concern or if there's a way to "wall off" the account from the other branches and I just haven't found it yet.
I'm not a full administrator but I have contact with someone who is.

Thanks for all of your help in advance!



Yes, when you add a VPP Account and have Sites enabled you can pick which site to assign it to.

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Thanks for the response, Marker!
I've reread the admin guide and it seems like all I have to do to restrict the VPP account to my site is to have my site selected and making sure to not have "Full JSS" selected from the drop down menu when adding an account in settings.