Keyboard layout behaviour on JC enrolled macbooks for not admin user accounts


Hello community

I just started to testing prestage enrollment with jamf connect configuration for standard useraccounts (non admin).

Enrollment working fine, like our enrollment for the admin user. But we have the behaviour on the macbooks, that the keyboard layout changes to default (ABC) after each restart of the macbook. All keyboard layouts that are not necessary were deleted in the user setup steps (before connecting to wlan). After the MacBook has restarted after on of our policy the keyboard is set to default ABC.

Someone has an idea how this can be solved. My problem is, that we have differen offices in different countries with different keyboards, so pushing a configuration will be not as much easy :)

THX in advance




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did you find a good solution so far?

I just find this:

This at least seems to be work, but not sure how good this fix is.


Hi, i completely forgot to answer here. Yes i found the same blog. It is working but i have the problem, that the language on the loginscreen is wrong. It should be english, how chosen while setup. The keyboard is correct in german swiss, but the language on the login window is french. After login the language is in english. I never found a way to solve this. But had also a bigger break to test this further.

Now i just restarted again with testing

Hi Jacek_ADC We are currently struggling with the same problem. Have you been able to find a solution yet?