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Hi All

We currently have the wrong power setting in our labs. I want the machines to always be on which I think I have working with a config profile.

However our machines are set lock at 20 minutes. This now doesn't happen as the machine never sleeps.

Can two exist together.

Any thoughts welcome.









Just to add to this, have discovered the machine does lock eventually if left ideal. Seems to ignore the 20 minutes lock policy though 

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I use pmset in a script to get what I want
Will show you all the settings available.
Although a confi profile should be able to give you all of the same functionality.

Are you able to share what you are using.

Are using this in shared labs?

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# Set display and system sleep times

/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setcomputersleep Never

/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setdisplaysleep 30

/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setharddisksleep Never

# Start and shutdown

#  Turn it off and back on again, to remove anything left in there

pmset repeat cancel

sleep 5

pmset repeat shutdown MTWRFS 21:00:00 wakeorpoweron MTWRFS 08:00:00

pmset -a darkwakes 0 womp 1 autorestart 1 sleep 0 disksleep 0 hibernatemode 0 displaysleep 30 powernap 0


/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setwakeonnetworkaccess on

/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setrestartpowerfailure on

/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setallowpowerbuttontosleepcomputer off

thanks i assume this would work on both intel and Apple silcon.

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Yes I have this running on M1 and Intel