Launch Campaign?

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Does jamf have or is anyone willing to share their approach/materials to launching jamf in the organization? We will be using it with our phones and mobile devices. Planning on putting together a list of things we need to have policies around, probably working with app teams on new ways to distribute applications thru MDM, communication plans, and launch campaigns. Before I embark on this, thought I'd see if someone has already done this or if jamf offers materials around this to help get things started?




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One interesting aspect of introducing JAMF is it can actually be done with a very light touch, you can kind of put it in place and effectively have almost everything turned off (basically just auto enrolling new devices as they come in and manually enrolling existing devices as they are reset or come into contact with IT).
One thing if you haven't got it sorted already is volume pruchasing from Apple, one of the biggest obvious benefits of iOS management is the bulk buying and then distribution and potential redsitribution of apps, if this is not already being done, make sure this is sorted ASAP as it can take some time arranging with Apple and you kind of want it in play as soon as possible.

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