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Hello, I'm fairly new to JAMF and mac administration in general, we just went through our organization's jumpstart and I've gotten everything fairly setup, but I'm at a bit of a loss that from research seems like an easy concept. Basically, I'm lost at the idea of launchagents. My problem is I need to deploy an script that maps multiple network drives at login per user and I've got a working script and app that will do that however. I can't fathom how do I deploy the launchagent to a workstation in the wild as well as the .app as I cannot upload that file type in Casper Admin. Once again I know this seems easy and basic but I cannot find the connecting dots as to how I'm supposed to deploy plists or launchagents to workstations with the JSS. Thank you!


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I think the part you are missing is Composer. It allows you to build .pkg installers. You can build an installer that copies your launchagent and script into the appropriate directories on client machines, then upload that installer with Casper Admin, and deploy it in the JSS.

Best to make a directory /usr/local/Glendale/ and copy your script there. Then put the LaunchD in /Library/LaunchDaemons. Make sure permissions are all correct.

Good luck!

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