LDAP authentication on JSS

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Hello, I am a newbie to JAMF Nation so forgive if this question has already been posted. My team members along with myself have had mixed success logging into the JSS with our LDAP credentials. We are using 9.93. One moment we can login, and the next we cannot. I went this past weekend without being able to login. On Monday, I nor none of my team members could log in either. Fortunately, through our emergency account I was able to login. I have checked the LDAP settings in our dev server with that of our production server and I see no differences between them. (NOTE: We are still able to log into our dev server without any issues.) We are now experiencing the same issues when trying to login into Casper Admin. I have reached our to JAMF support but they haven't been much help. If anyone has experienced issues with this and has come across a solution, please let me know.


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I would check the timeouts for "Search" and "Connection" in your LDAP server settings. Try increasing them and see if that helps.