Limit data usage on selected iphones for business plan with verizon wireless

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We have a verizon wireless business account and with it about 35 iphones. We are going over our data allowance every month and cannot increase the data limits because of the amount of lines we have under our current plan. We would like to limit on certain iphones the amount of data usage allowed. Can that be done?


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There's an existing feature request to monitor data on phones. But there is no limiter. I suspect Apple would need to add technology to allow access to that data before JAMF can do anything about it. So in short, no. Can't do what you're looking for AFAIK

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I'm not sure that's something available in the MDM spec, but someone may have more information on that than I do.
FWIW, many people are going over their data plan allowances since Apple introduced Wi-Fi Assist and some other features in iOS 9. I would look at disabling some of those features, or making certain they can only operate over Wi-Fi and not cellular to help. I had to disable it on my family's personal phones or we were going over our plan every month since we updated to iOS 9. Quite annoying.

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I'd suggest looking at the scenario as a whole rather than vilifying one cost-incurring data point...

  • Has productivity increased as a result of these new features (and their associated increased data usage)?
  • Would disabling these features (if possible) decrease productivity?
  • Considering the above, would there be a net gain or loss if the features were disabled vs. bumping the data plan up a tier (which is presumably cheaper than paying overage charges)?

Food for thought.