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Hi folks, I have successfully built and deployed a Config Profile for Printers in my school. What I find though, is that the printers specified in the CP are added to the Printer list in the target computers as opposed to overwriting the list. Many of the machines out there are littered with printers that no longer exist, have the wrong names or drivers, etc. How does one maintain control over the entire list of printers using Jamf Config Profiles?


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You cannot "Maintain Control" over printers added locally by end users, in order to manage printers, they must be added by JAMF.

You must remove the printers from the end users computer. And then re-deploy the printers via JAMF so they can be managed, mapped / unmapped, etc.

This script is the one that I used & I know it works up to 10.13 (Havent tested on Mojave yet). Thank @franton -


lpstat -p | awk '{print $2}' | while read printer
echo "Deleting Printer:" $printer
lpadmin -x $printer
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