LLVM Profile Error: Failed to write file "default.profraw": Read-only file system - Deploy Command

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After the upgrade to MacOS 12.3, the Jamf login screen went away, i found that running this command would fix the issue : 

/usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset -jamfconnect

Although after creating a policy and trying this through execute command i get the following error:

LLVM Profile Error: Failed to write file "default.profraw": Read-only file system


I tried the command in terminal manually with sudo permissions and it did work. 
How can i fix it ? 


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Executing the command via Jamf policy, I also got this as a script result.


Hi Joshuaaclark, thanks for helping me out. I have created a new policy and added the above command under Execute Command in Files and Processes. Is that what you meant ? because i still get the error.
What am i doing wrong here ?

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No solution. I was posting here to say I am having the same issue. I am also looking for help.


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Same here.  Applied the policy but getting the "LLVM Profile Error: Failed to write file "default.profraw": Read-only file system" error

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Also receiving this on a few macbooks after upgrading to Monterey.

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same here.

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Any one find a fix? 


Im getting this as well 

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Unfortunately, we ran into this issue with a Macbook from 2017 updating to Monterey. We ended up having to try the following in Recovery Mode to disable JAMF connect. 

JAMF Docs 

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the link you posted does not work...

Thank you.

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Faced the same with Jamf Connect v 2.5.0, so I'd suggest you to check yours and update if possible.

It was fixed in a Jamf Connect v 2.8.0:


I'm getting this too, with Jamf Connect 2.16 installed on 12.6.1. Anyone have a solution? I'm just trying to reset authchanger to default (no Jamf Connect) for some testing.

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I am also getting this with Jamf Connect 2.16 installed on 12.5.1

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We saw this error but upgrading to 2.17 resolved it. 

I just got this on 2.17.0 trying to reset authchanger to Jamf Connect.

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Same.. Just pushed v2.17 and have seen this in the deployment logs. Does it affect any functionality?

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Im asking one of my users now about this. It says his failed and im not sure if its a problem or not

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I've been trying to run a script stored in the private/tmp folder keep getting this Read-Only file system error. I'm having trouble finding a way around it. Running the script as user.