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Hi all,

I have a question in relation to what people are doing re: Local Distro for policies..?

GOAL: I'd like to run specific policies just for our device runups, this can easily be achieved by calling policies triggers during DEP that point to a local distro.

At this point i've gathered the following results speed testing both running policies via Jamf Cloud, local MacOS distro and Windows Server 2019 IIS distro all tested on both wired and wireless connections.

# All tests using same package - MacOS Catalina around 8gig

Configurations Tested:

1. Local MacOS Distro, SMB: via Jamf Policy

  1. Couldn't mount due to network segment issue, Removed network segment (Enabled Force SMB on local distribution via package policy)
  2. Over Ethernet: getting around 100-107 MBps
  3. Over WiFi: sporadic but around 40 MBps

2. Local MacOS Distro, HTTPS: via Jamf Policy

  1. Over Ethernet: Around 30 MBps comparable to JSS cloud Distro
  2. Over Wi-Fi: sporadically but around 35 MBps

3. HTTPS: via Jamf Cloud

  1. Over Ethernet: Not consistent, sporadically 25-35 MBps
  2. Over WiFi: sporadically but around 17-20 MBps

4. Direct to Local Distro using SCP:



scp -r jamfread@ .



  1. Over Ethernet: Most consistent, Around 110-120 MBps
  2. Over Wi-Fi: sporadicly but around 35-40 MBps

5. RSYNC: Slower than SMB 



rsync -azP jamfread@'/Volumes/Cache/jamfshare/Packages/Catalina.pkg' .



  1. Over Ethernet: Around 25 MBps
  2. Over WiFi: Around 17 MBps

6. Local Windows Distro, HTTPS: via Jamf Policy

  1. Over Ethernet: Around 120 MBps
  2. Over WiFi: Around 22 MBps

7. Curl via Windows 2019 Server running IIS: 



/usr/bin/curl -o "/Applications/Catalina.pkg" "<ServerURL>/jamf_share/Packages/Catalina.pkg" -u "svc_jamfshare_ro:<password>"



  1. Over Ethernet: Around 100-110 MBps
  2. Over WiFi: Around 22 MBps

A fun bonus for anyone who has read through this not sure if anyone has messed around with using DEPNotify in conjunction with Curl but here is a demo and the script related to it.





echo "Status: Downloading MacOS Catalina.." >> "$DEP_NOTIFY_LOG"
echo "Command: Video: https://imgur.com/I3T3K9m.mp4" >> "$DEP_NOTIFY_LOG"

open -a "DEPNotify"

runInstall () {
rm /tmp/hpipe
mkfifo /tmp/hpipe
chmod 777 /tmp/hpipe

/usr/bin/curl -o "/Applications/Catalina.pkg" "https://<serverFQDN>/jamfshare/Packages/Catalina.pkg" -u "jamfread:<password>" &> /tmp/hpipe &

echo "Command: Determinate: 100" >> ${DEP_NOTIFY_LOG}
echo "Command: Video: https://imgur.com/I3T3K9m.mp4" >> "$DEP_NOTIFY_LOG"

eval $(echo m=M | tr 'M' '\015')
while read -r -d "$m" line
do echo -e "Status: %   Total   %Rec   %XferdDl   AvgUp   SpeedTtl   TSpent   TLeft   Current\r${line}" >> ${DEP_NOTIFY_LOG}

done < /tmp/hpipe
rm /tmp/hpipe
echo "Status: ${line}..." >> "$DEP_NOTIFY_LOG"

sleep 2
killall "DEPNotify"
exit 0



Of course there are some parameters to change like the curl URL, username and password and there is not check for the DEPNotify.app or an 'Exit' command for DEPNotify but simply and fun test that I may incorporate with our current Zero touch for super-fast deployment of packages.


Any help would be much appreciated in relation to how people maximise local distribution points,