Location of Script Resources?


Can't seem to locate the section that used to be under Jamf Nation > Resources > Jamf Pro Add-Ons > Scripts. Can someone please help me out?


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I just discovered https://github.com/jamf/Jamf-Nation-Scripts yesterday. It contains a script from Jamf Nation that I was looking for that is no longer on this site.

thank you i was looking for them as well during training

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I may be wrong, but I don't think the Scripts resource exists anymore. When Jamf moved to the new format, some things got dropped, like Third Party Software titles for example, and I think the Scripts section may have gotten the axe as well.

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Basically 2 of the most useful resources our community depended on were removed.

Well that's a bummer, but at least the Github repository helps. Thanks @jefff for linking that!

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Am I seeing it correctly that all the scripts are 3 years or older on Github?

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Being fairly new to Jamf and scripting, I was reviewing the 100 course as I'm about to take the 300 course and the 100 still refers to scripts on the Jamf nation page.  They should probably update that in their training videos.  I was hunting all over too....just trying to get resource ducks in a row.