Lock Screen doesn't display data element on select devices

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I've got a group of 2000 iPads with with a Lock Screen Message set to display the #ASSET_TAG, which was specified with Inventory Preload.

There is a subset of 80 iPads which refuse to display the asset tag on the lock screen. Also, I later use the Asset Tag in a web clip URL, where it also doesn't populate on these devices. (The web clip is otherwise fine.) Otherwise, these devices seem to be functioning normally and appear the same as the others where this works.

The Asset Tag is db field was successfully populated to the DB, and nothing looks amiss in JANF, and this works fine with the other 1920 devices.

An ideas out there?

Could there be a networking situation that might be preventing this? This is the only variable I can't fully account for. These devices will respond to remote commands. It seems that if that's the case it's not a network issue, but I wasn't taking anything for granted.

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Any thoughts?

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We got this to work by using $ASSET_TAG.