Lock Screen Message Mobile Device Payload broken in iOS10

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The lockscreen message payload does nothing in iOS10. We used this for easy identification of iPads by putting student names on there.

I am on the latest update for Casper as well. We relied on this feature at our middle school as all iPads look alike and mixing them up is very easy. It is ridiculous considering this feature was just introduced in the last update and now it's gone.


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Working fine here. You sure you have it scoped correctly? I had mine scoped to iOS 9.3 devices at first so I had to change it to also go to iOS 10.

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Considering I also had this issue: [https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=21335](link URL) it would make sense if the scoping is just the issue. Thank you for confirming it is working elsewhere though, I will look deeper on my end.

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Hi Ryan, I too thought the lockscreen message payload didn't work with iOS 10 but I found that it does. What I had realized is that if the iPads had "Failed or Pending" commands the lockscreen message did not apply until I cleared them. When I did that and updated inventory, everything came through just fine. Sometimes though, regardless of what I do, the lockscreen name doesn't appear on the screen and I have to remove the iPad or smart group from our "device site and name" iOS config. profile as a temporary "exclusion". I wait about a minute or so, long enough to allow JSS to communicate with the device, and then I remove them from the exclusion, go back to the device or devices and update their inventory. If there are no pending or failed commands the lockscreen message payload will be correctly displayed. I'm in the process of setting up about 100 staff iPads that have all been updated to iOS 10 and they all correctly display their name. Most of the time I've had to go in and exclude them from the "device site and name" iOS config. profile, then remove them, and it all works out. It is a longer route but it gets the job done. Hope this helps.