Login Items - High Sierra

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Starting to work on a High Sierra image - ran into the roadblock where Configuration Profiles with Login Items will no longer map smb shares.

Any suggestions for how to map shares at login for users?

See lots of info online but nothing has worked yet.

Looked at Onset to take over login hook function but examples use sfltool for mapping which has been deprecated in HS. Having trouble figuring out what command, tool or config file to use or edit to make this happen.

As a bonus I would like to add the login item share to Finder Favorites sidebar too..

FYI - our Macs are AD bound and we are not seeing any issues with that as other users have reported online.



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We use this

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We use Enterprise Connect for this, but I'd guess that NoMAD has the same capability.

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We use Enterprise Connect to, no more fooling around with AD binding. Love it!