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We have to use OS X server to manage some of our computers and we have been trying to get login scripts to work with them. It says its needs changes in
we have found this to be cumbersome to do and we are wondering if anyone has a configuration profile or script that can change these settings or simply a better way of running login scripts. We have tried .command on these computers but, it opens terminal and we have that restricted.

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Make sure in your jss server that "Create login/logout hooks" is enabled under Computer Management > Check-in > login/logout hooks. Also make sure that in your config profile that under "Login Window" you have the "Also execute the client computer's LoginHook Script" is enabled under the "script" tab.

I had issues with this as well but both of those options have to be enabled in order to initial the login scripts.


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@jared_f What are you trying to accomplish here? If its just a login script, and I presume you are not using Casper (JAMF PRO) then look into using LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons, these can essentially run login and logout scripts which are locally stored on the computer. Take a look at Launch Control


You will need to package up the script and the launch agent and push this out to your computers maybe using Apple Remote Desktop, but it should work.