Login Window Configuration Profile Challenges due to FV

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So I created a simple "Login Window" CP in a small test group within our company. After I deployed the CP and the users powered on their machines the following day and logged in, their normal login passwords would not work. One of our support reps had told me that he had to default to an old password we had setup for them when we setup their local users on the client. After the old password was entered the user was able to use their normal password.

After a little research and discussion seems the culprit is FV. After a computer is rebooted, it's going to require that the disk be unlocked, which would explain why it required a different password than it usually does, and why the original passwords now work normally.

Now the next step...Jamf support was unable to help me with a work around to resolve this issue and I didn't really expect them to. Should I use a script to bypass this issue or is this just the way it is?

Basic Details:
Local users
Machines NOT bound to AD
FV enabled