Login Window test configuration profile

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I have multiple configuration profiles pushing settings to our mountain lion en mavericks client.

I've noticed the login window settings (showing username password field and and a login banner) are not always being applied or stop working after a logon or reboot.

In the profiles pane of the system configuration the configuration profile is visable and the JSS reports that the configuration profile is being applied.

Creating a clone of the configration profile and re applying it doesn't seem to be working.

Has anyone got the login window settings to work consistently?

The other configuration profiles seem to be working fine. it's just the login window configuration profile settings that seem to stop working after some time.


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I've never seen our login window settings not work if the config profile properly installs the first time. Do you have it set as a computer profile?

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I have set it at the computer level. After imaging it always installs but after a few logons the loginwindow settings dissapear.

I tried sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow

And it seems to persist. I prefer using configuration profile though.

Is there a way to see why the settings no longer seem to be valid even though the profile is still visable in the profiles panel?