Logout from web UI if logout.html page opened in another tab

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I use Jamf Pro with SAML SSO and I am annoyed by certain behavior of jamf.

When the Jamf web interface is open in multiple tabs and the session is expired, the jamf redirects to the logout page (logout.html) in all tabs. After that, I cannot log in to the web interface until all tabs that have the logout page opened will be closed.

I am wondering if other jamf users are having same issue? Maybe there is a solution for it?


Jamf Pro verison: 10.37.2-t1648851072


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@ar_1em It's not just a problem with SAML SSO access to the Jamf Pro console or new with 10.37, and yes it's very annoying, but there has been no signs of action from Jamf on addressing it. The only thing I've found that makes things less annoying is not closing any tab via a keyboard command and instead always closing by clicking the close button on the tab as the behavior is different between those two cases.

I thought there was a Feature Request to address this behavior that had a large number of Up Votes, but all I found on a  quick search was the following, so maybe it's time to have a campaign to add upvotes to it: Please put the session timeout back to the way it was before 9.93


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FWIW, I've run into the same issue but had some luck with a stay open applescript opening another Jamf webUI page, minimizing and then refreshing it in the background. This keeps resetting the timer so you stay logged in on any page.